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“Sharing innovative solutions to common health management problems”
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What is HS-PROD

HS-PROD is a user friendly, state-of-the-art website which shares information about Indian good practices and innovations in health services management. An instantly accessible library of reform materials, it provides a summary of each option/scheme and links to more detailed source documents.  The aim is to share reform know-how to tackle common management problems in the health sector.  It makes readily available a body of evidences that are so essential to take “the public health system closer to the objective of evidence-based policy-making” as envisaged in the National Health Policy & NRHM. HS-PROD currently contains over 225 entries that are carefully researched, categorised in 16 major health sector areas as given below:



(1) Infrastructure and equipment                       (9) Intersectoral links

(2) Logistics                                                                (10) Access to Service & Coverage

(3) Financial management systems                    (11) Health Financing

(4) Mointoring,evaluation & quality control       (12) Human Resources

(5) Public/Private partnership                              (13) Community Participation

(6) Management structures & systems               (14) Urban Health

(7) Social marketing & Franchising                       (15) Behavioral change communication

(8) Health information systems                             (16) First Referral Units

                                                                                         (17) Others

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