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“Sharing innovative solutions to common health management problems”
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Why was HS - PROD developed
  • Many States face similar problems in the health sector but have no way of sharing their experiences or ideas with each other. They may have heard of successful schemes in other parts of the country but do not know how to get more information on them.
  • The Internet is an excellent way of promoting Indian reforms, and especially   partnerships with the private sector and NGOs, both within India and worldwide.
  • It is an efficient and low cost means of sustaining and replicating reforms instigated by GOI, development partners and other organizations.
  • It has valuable potential as a learning resource for health sector reform training events and courses (HS-PROD already forms a part of the professional development courses in State Institute if Health & Family Welfare (SIHFW) in Mohali, Punjab)
  • It fits well with the revised role of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in a more decentralised context.
  • It encourages and supports convergence between sectors.
  • It represents an ideal tool for communicating good practices under the National Rural  Health Mission (NRHM) and Reproductive and Child Health (RCH2) programme.
  • At the State level, a need has been expressed for such a tool.


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