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What information does HS - PROD contain

Each HS-PROD entry is described in terms of concise summary, location, duration, advantages, challenges, prerequisites for implementation elsewhere (such as consultation); implementer etc.  The aim is to provide up-to-date and accurate information about options or interventions, using a standard format and to organize such options systematically.


Few examples of HS-PROD entries:


  • Telemedicine at Dr B Barooah Cancer Institute, Assam: Responding to the problem of high number of cancer patients in Assam facing difficulty in accessing treatment, a telemedicine centre linked with the Tata Memorial Hospital & other referral hospitals, like in Sikkim
  • Primary health care and RCH services in urban slums, Uttar Pradesh: A public-private partnership providing primary health care and reproductive and child health services in eight identified slums of Varanasi City.
  • Providing round-the-clock comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care Centres, Tamil Nadu: leading to a drop in maternal mortality rate by 36 percent between 2001 and 2005.
  • Provision of essential maternal and child health services in Tribal Areas, Rajasthan: In each village a tribal woman working as a health volunteers or Swasthya Sakhis who carry out community based education & distribution and accompany women & children to health centres. 
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