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Window of Hope for differentially abled, Orissa
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Subject Area="Access to service and coverage." Objective="Access to quality services & other benefits under different schemes"
Details for Reform Option "Window of Hope for differentially abled, Orissa"

Background: Mayurbhanj, the biggest district of Orissa is a land-locked district with a total geographical area of 10,418 and is situated in the Northern boundary of the state. This district is dominated by tribals with the main occupation being agriculture related. State commitments for the differentially able due to elaborate legal and policy pronouncements get postponed due to cumbersome procedure and inability of the intended beneficiaries to access promised benefits. The magnitude multiplies when the victims are from impoverished rural and tribal families for want of resources to compensate the loss. A differentially abled person has to collect an income certificate from the Tahsildar, based on that a disability certificate from the Chief Medical Officer of the district and further an Identity card from the District Social Welfare Officer. This expensive, lengthy and painful process is necessary to be eligible for earmarked benefits like employment under disability quota, credit, subsidy and training, allotments for home/shops pension, aids & appliances as well as travel concessions from different sources. Activities: To give a new ray of hope for the differentially abled, the District administration Mayurbhanj planned a ‘Single Window Initiative’. As a first step, it issued authentic certificates from competent authority to each genuine beneficiary by facilitating a smooth and speedy completion of prescribed formalities. “Single Window System” that provided all these facilities under a single roof on a single date at block levels: Distribution of Disability Certificates Distribution of Income Certificates Distribution of Fare concession Certificates Distribution of Identity Cards Identification to beneficiaries for distribution of aids and appliances and corrective surgery where required. Earlier, ordinarily, children were identified through camps organized by DPEP / SSA to provide aids and appliances. Similarly, the CDMO would hold fortnightly camp in the District Headquarter Hospital to identify the differentially abled. The unique approach of converging the two departments enabled identification of children as well as elderly within a short period.The initiative targets universal access to quality services and all other benefits under different schemes. This has been made possible by decentralised service delivery strategies backed by convergence of concerned departments, philanthropic organisations, clients, Panchayats and civil society institutions. The strategies adopted for implementing the initiative/system was done in three steps (Document attached) Results: The obvious results are observed in terms of comparison between the earlier systems of issuing cards against the present system. The following table shows the comparison between the previous and the present system: Previous System Present System ·Costs for travel to distant offices· Reducing the hardship & inconvenience .Frequent visits to get the work done Reducing geographical distance in terms of service delivery ·Wage loss for the companion· Reducing cost and time involved to access the service .Payment of bribe Eliminating red-tapism & associated corruption. ·Harassment at various level Convergence of various agencies contributing to convenience and efficiency Better coverage of target groups under various schemes. As compared to the data of achievement regarding issue of handicapped certificates for the last 5 years, the results of the single window camp are given below: Year (January to December) No. Of Handicapped Certificate Issued 2000 109 2001 707 2002 835 2003 1473 2004 1815 2005 872 (upto Nov. 05) Total 5811 Single Window assessment Camp Dec. 05 6451 One of the major results achieved through this initiative is the ‘17 days’ approach, i.e. issuing the cards within this time frame. An equal number of income certificates and Bus Concession certificates were also issued. Aids and appliances are being distributed to the identified beneficiaries. Apart from this measures have also been taken for Cataract Surgery, Cleft lip correction and Polio Corrective surgery.

Cost Depends on the beneficiaries.
Place Mayurbhanj District, Orissa
Time Frame Three months

1. Reducing hardship to procure the respective certificates 2. Reducing cost and time involved to access the services 3. Eliminating red-tapism and corruption 4. Better coverage of target groups under various schemes


Complete and constant involvement of Collector and District Social Welfare Officer


Budgetary allocation for the differentially abled persons in various schemes including Sarva Siksha Abhiyan/DPEP

Who needs to be consulted

District Administration, BDOs, Revenue Inspector, Tahsildar, CDMO, CDPO, RTO, Red Cross Society, Anganwadi Worker, Teachers and NGOs



Depends on budgetary allocation

Chances of Replication

Can be replicated




Submitted By

Mr S Sahoo, Deputy Director, CBHI Training Centre, Bhubaneswar, Orissa Manisha Ghose, Research Consultant, HS-PROD, CBHI

Status Active
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