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Identity cards to below the poverty line population, Uttarakhand
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Subject Area="Access to service and coverage." Objective="To facilitate availability of health services to the poor patients."
Details for Reform Option "Identity cards to below the poverty line population, Uttarakhand"

Background: The Below Poverty Line (BPL) population form 47.2 % of the total population as declared by GOI. Although, all hospitals are sensitive towards providing medical facilities to poor population but in absence of appropriate identity such patients do not receive adequate attention. Thus it was decided to issue BPL cards to poor patients so that medical facilities are made available to them at no cost. Activities: Health card scheme was launched by honourable chief minister on 10th of November 2006. Benefits related to health card are- 1.All the BPL family bearing this card will be entitled to avail free medical and health services in government facility. 2.Card holder get facilitation to obtain assistance under State Ailment Fund, constituted for tertiary care treatment of chronic diseases. 3.The BPL card also helps the BPL family for assistance under Janani Surksha Yojana. 4.The health card may be utilized by BPL family as authentic identity card for seeking help in any government development scheme. Results: State government has identified all the BPL families and has developed their cards but scheme may be evaluated later on for coverage of the targeted beneficiaries.

Cost Cannot be furnished
Place Uttarakhand State.
Time Frame It took approximately one year for implementation and process of distribution is still under process.

BPL identity cards: Health cards can be taken as identity card for various other government schemes. Privilege: Cards gives them opportunity to avail services on equitable basis.




Government order

Who needs to be consulted

State government




Chances of Replication

Good, as State can plan their schemes based on database of population below the poverty line.


It provides opportunity to identify the population below the poverty line and provide them services on equitable basis


Submitted By

Dr. Anuradha Davey, Research Consultant, NIMS, February, 2006.

Status Active
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