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Hands-on training of medical interns in community health, Orissa
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Subject Area="Human Resources." Objective="Training."
Details for Reform Option "Hands-on training of medical interns in community health, Orissa"

Background: The three-month training of medical interns in community health had been conducted in large groups (25 people) in fixed institutions, with no proper exposure to community health problems and was of poor quality. Medical college teachers, with little hands-on experience in the field, supervised the interns. Action: Groups of two or three interns are now sent to Community Health Centres (CHCs), where they spend three months in the field exposed to real life situations and are supervised by peripheral Medical Officers (MOs) and medical college teachers who are experienced in community medicine. The training programme consists of: (i) 50-day campus assignment at CHC – includes clinical skills, laboratory work, managerial & administrative work, data collection & analysis, staff meetings (ii) 25-day field programme– includes visits to villages, anganwadis, family welfare camps, schools, sub-centres and programme offices.

Place State of Orissa, since 2000.
Time Frame Few months.

Hands-on training: Improves doctors’ experience in rural health and gives them administrative as well as professional experience in actual working conditions. Familiarisation: Increased likelihood of attendance if doctors are eventually posted to rural areas. Communication: Exchange of knowledge between doctors improved. Effective: Smaller groups are easier to manage.


Poor facilities: Accommodation and transport in the field may not be adequate.


Well-equipped CHCs with sufficient attendance of patients. Training & supervision structures to establish links between medical colleges and district health authorities.

Who needs to be consulted

MOs in facilities, medical colleges, district health authorities.




Chances of Replication





Submitted By

Dr. Matthew Jowett, Former Programme Advisor, European CommissionTechnical Assistance Office, New Delhi. July 2002.

Status Active
Reference Files
Resolution MII-IX-62-2000-42233H (PROD No 13).doc
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