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Ensuring traditional birth attendant training includes practical instruction, Karnataka
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Subject Area="Human Resources." Objective="Training."
Details for Reform Option "Ensuring traditional birth attendant training includes practical instruction, Karnataka"

Background: It had been identified that there was an increased maternal mortality rate because Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) had not been taught in an institution which carries out deliveries itself and were therefore inexperienced and carrying out unsafe practices during childbirth. Action: TBA training to be carried out only at government institutions which conduct deliveries. On completion of training, the TBAs to be given good quality instrument kits.

Place Karnataka.
Time Frame Information not available.

Quality: Improves the quality of TBA training and brings them into contact with the hospitals, encouraging referral for complicated cases. Life-saving: Increases the number of safe deliveries.


Short-term solution: At best a short term option as there is already a community preference for qualified health professionals to carry out deliveries in Karnataka – where there are already more than 50% institutional deliveries. In such a situation it may be better to concentrate investment on training professionals in delivery practices.


Availability of training material and sufficient number of institutions doing deliveries.

Who needs to be consulted

The community needs to be asked who they want as their TBA.



Sustainable – where there is funding and sufficient government institutions.

Chances of Replication

Replicable – but only where government institutions are doing a sufficient number of deliveries to accommodate the training.




Submitted By

ECTA PROD team, New Delhi. July 2002.

Status Active
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