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Rural Health Practitioner training, Assam
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Subject Area="Human Resources." Objective="To create a pool of qualified manpower to serve in underserved areas and among remote rural communities."
Details for Reform Option "Rural Health Practitioner training, Assam "

Background: In order to cater to the health needs of the rural areas, the Government of Assam brought in the Assam Rural Health Regulatory Act in 2004. It is an act to provide for the establishment of a regulatory authority in the State of Assam whose brief is to regulate and register the Diploma Holders in Medicine and Rural Health Care (DMRHC) and their practise of medicine in rural areas (areas not included in a Municipal Corporation, a Municipal Board or a Town Committee or any other area notified as urban area) and also to regulate opening and running of Medical Institutes for imparting education and training for the course of DMRHC. Action: The act received the assent of the Governor on 4 December 2004 and it came out in the Assam Gazette Extraordinary on 18 September 2004. The prime objective of this act is as follows : i) Opening of Medical Institutes for imparting education and training for the course of DMRHC. ii) To regulate and register the diploma holders in DMRHC. In light of the above Act Jorhat Rural Medical Institute started this DMRHC course. The first batch was started in September 2005. The practical training for this course takes place at the Jorhat Civil hospital, Jorhat. Results: i) 98 students have been selected on merit basis, and are undergoing DMRHC training. This batch will pass out in September 2008. ii) Till date the construction of 1 library, a laboratory and 2 lecture rooms have been completed. iii) Though the training at present is taking place in Jorhat Civil Hospital, but approximately within three years a full fledged institute with all facilities will start functioning.

Cost 1 crore (including both capital and recurring cost).
Place Jorhat Medical Institute at Civil Hospital, Jorhat, Assam.
Time Frame Approximately 6 months. This course is running since September 2005 when the first batch of students was admitted.

Trained man power for rural areas: It will lead to increase in trained manpower for rural areas and in the health sector. A pool of trained physicians, during time of crisis to increase the manpower pool in the health sector. Vacant posts to fill up: Vacant posts in rural areas will get filled up. Regularisation of trained manpower: It will regularise and streamline trained manpower in rural areas and simultaneously increase access to rural people in Primary Health Care. Certification Authorisation: Streamlining the certification procedure for death and birth as the Rural Health Practitioners will be authorised to issue these certificates


Limited Employment Opportunities: The trained practitioners are limited to practice in rural areas only. They are not eligible for employment in hospitals, nursing homes and health establishments in urban areas. Limited Treatment: Only the diseases, procedures and drugs, outlined in the rules shall be treated, carried out and prescribed. Surgical Interventions: Surgical interventions cannot be carried out by these practitioners.


Good number of students; interested and well oriented faculty members; strict regulations to ensure norm adherence and professionalism.

Who needs to be consulted

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Assam.



It depends upon commitment of concerned Government and the rigour of the training imparted.

Chances of Replication

Only after getting feedback from community regarding the services rendered by these practitioners and considering their acceptability that the replicability of this programme can be commented upon.




Submitted By

Dhrub Kumar Singh, Research Consultant, Central Bureau of Health Intelligence, New Delhi, October 2006.

Status Active
Reference Files
Rural Medical Institute Jorhat.doc The Assam Gazette, Extraordinary, No. 187, Dispur, Saturday, September 18, 2004, Assam Act no XIX of 2004 pg 1170-1191
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