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Involvement of Self Help Group In Malaria Control Programme, Orissa
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Subject Area="Community participation." Objective="Raising awareness about various measures of malaria control"
Details for Reform Option "Involvement of Self Help Group In Malaria Control Programme, Orissa"

Background: The National Programme for Control of Malaria is being implemented in Orissa since 1953. For effective control of malaria, Enhanced Malaria Control Project (EMCP) is being implemented in 158 tribal blocks of 21 districts since 1997-98. There has been a declining trend in the annual parasitic incidence from 2001-2003 but in the period 2004-05, 82 more blocks where annual parasitic incidence is in excess of 5 per 1000 population and slide positivity rate is in excess 5 per 1000 and parasite falciparum percentage is more than 30% have been included in the EMCP. In 2006, it was decided by the state government to involve the self-help groups in the EMCP for effective community involvement. Activities:Members of the self help group spread awareness about malaria control and motivate the members of the community to avail facilities provided by the state government, such as provisions of drugs, spray of D.D.T., rearing of gambusia fish and use of impregnated mosquito bed nets. Results: The initiative is in the process of implementation. Evaluation is yet to be done.

Cost Evaluation of the programme has not been done
Place All districts of the state Orissa.
Time Frame One month

Raised Awareness: Self Help Groups have more involvement within the rural population so the level of awareness about prevention of malaria will be raised.


Sustained Motivation: keeping up motivation of the members of the SHGs is difficult.


· SHG registered under Director, Mission Shakti (Women and Child Development, Govt. of Orissa) · Orientation of self-help groups about malaria control measures, · Motivated members in a self help group, . Uninterrupted supply of drugs, DDT and bed nets. · Budgetary allocation for IEC & Training

Who needs to be consulted

State government,Local government bodies,Chief Medical Officer,Community Development Project Officer,Self help groups.



Depends on performance and involvement of SHG

Chances of Replication

It can be replicated in similar settings at other geographical location.




Submitted By

Dr. Anil Bhola, Research Consultant, National Institute of Medical Statistics, New Delhi & Mr S Sahoo, Deputy Director, Bhubaneswar FSU. January, 2007

Status Active
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