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Rational use of drugs, Gujarat
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Subject Area="Logistics." Objective="Drug supply"
Details for Reform Option "Rational use of drugs, Gujarat"

Background: Doctors were prescribing expensive company brands rather than generic drugs, village health workers were prescribing inappropriate doses and quantities and the public were demanding high-profile but over-priced and unnecessary drugs. Although the Tribhuvanadas Foundation, an NGO concerned with maternal and child healthcare, had been ensuring that sufficient quality drugs were available to village health workers to tackle common illnesses prevalent in rural areas, including TB, the problem still persisted. Action: They cut the number of drugs supplied to 20 (including dressing material) and banned expensive company brands and combinations (like combiflan) which inhibit bio-availability. The charges were then subsidised (except for the poorest 20% of the population who were not charged at all). The charges were rationalised so that a course of 5 to 7days of antiseptic or antibiotics was heavily subsidised but the price of vitamins and analgesics were increased to balance out the cost.

Cost Information not available.
Place Kheda district of Gujarat , which is split into two districts - Anand & Nadiad, and covers 700 villages. Started 1980 and still ongoing.
Time Frame Approximately three months for start.

Cost-efficient: More effective and cost-efficient treatment. Targeted: Treatment of diseases with a public health impact such as TB is encouraged.


None identified.


Training of village health workers. Motivation of implementers especially if this is to be implemented by the government.

Who needs to be consulted

Provider of the infrastructure and the implementing organisation. Local doctors.



Has been working since 1980.

Chances of Replication

Replicable - where cooperative or similar organisations exist (eg. self help groups, micro credit societies).




Submitted By

Dr Uma Vyas Programme Advisor, ECTA. July 2002.

Status Active
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