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Pictorial Tools for behaviour change communication for tribal population, Jharkhand.
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Subject Area="Behavioural Change Communication." Objective="To disseminate health messages among illiterate women."
Details for Reform Option "Pictorial Tools for behaviour change communication for tribal population, Jharkhand."

Background: Health status of the Jharkhand showed that 80 percent of children suffer from anaemia, out of them 56 percent are moderately to severe anaemic. Disseminating the life cycle approach for the prevention of low birth weight and anaemia among the children and pregnant women is a complex phenomenon especially when female illiteracy is very high. Taking in to account the high female illiteracy rate, pictorial tools for behaviour modification were devised to adopt healthy eating habits. Actions: In order to integrate appropriate healthy habits during the critical stage of human life cycle in illiterate tribal population pictorial tools were devised by Kishi Gram Vikas Kendra (KGVK) under a project named Ranchi Low Birth Weight Project (RLBWP). Project was action research project in collaboration of three institutes –Kishi Gram Vikas Kendra (KGVK), Child In Need Institute (CINI) and Government of Jharkhand. Sahiyya, a voluntary female health worker, delivered health messages in the community. ( For detail on Sahiyya Please see PROD entry no:153). Pictorial tools used by the Sahiyya were:Immunisation annual calendar: All the vaccine required for a child up to the age of one year are depicted in the calendar. Months given in the calendar are as per English as well as in local Hindi version. Common festive to celebrate in these months are also mentioned to get better reference point. Tri colour food chart: As per nutritive value, food items were categorised in to three colours i.e. orange, white and green. Green colour includes all the green leafy vegetables, white colour includes milk and milk products, eggs etc and orange colour includes all the pulses, coloured fruits etc. Registration booklet for pregnant women and child: It is meant for follow up a pregnant women in antenatal, natal and post natal period as well as her child upto one year age for exclusive breast feeding and complete immunisation. All the questions asked are depicted in the pictorial forms. Their answers are also colour coded- green for yes, red for no. Results: As in the absence of any evaluation data, it is difficult to mention the percentage of change in the desired behaviour but definitely it helps the worker as well as community members for the required message to understand.

Cost Information not available.
Place In two district of Ranchi.
Time Frame Approximately one year.

Client friendly: Advocacy material are designed in a way which depicts the message in more clear way as per local setting. Easy to understand: Message are conveyed in the form of a picture so that illiterate or semi-literate women can easily pick the right message.


None perceived.


Training of Sahiyya to explain them.

Who needs to be consulted

Local NGO.



Good as it involves one time training of the resource person.

Chances of Replication

Good especially in States / population where female illiteracy is quite high.


To disseminate the right messages of health to the population and ultimately they are adopted in their behaviour as part of routine is a difficult process especially when female illiteracy is very high. Devising the pictorial tools to make them understand the right healthy habit is one of the ways to disseminate the appropriate message to the population.


Submitted By

Dr. Anuradha Davey, Research Consultant, National Institute of Medical Statistics, ICMR, Oct, 2006.

Status Active
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