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Outreach blood donation camps, Tamil Nadu
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Subject Area="First Referral Units." Objective="Improved blood supply."
Details for Reform Option "Outreach blood donation camps, Tamil Nadu"

Background: Although there is a general willingness by people to give blood, there was no system for allowing them to donate easily without travelling long distances to blood storage centres. Action: To hold blood donation camps in the community on pre-set dates at a set venue, eg schools, colleges and community centres. The donors will then know which day of the month the blood bank team will be there. A register of donors is created which includes their blood type so that those with rare blood types can be contacted in times of emergency. Each donor is screened before donation and given a certificate after donation. The campaign also aims to clear up myths and misconceptions about blood donation which allows donors to come forward. People are encouraged to come and watch the process before deciding whether they wish to give blood or not. The collected blood (after mandatory testing) is given to patients in Government hospitals and sold to private hospitals in cases of genuine emergency. Results: In the period 30 April 2003 and 11 June 2004, 19 outreach camps were held and 1,539 units of blood collected.

Cost Each camp costs INR 1,000 to hold.
Place Theni District, Tamil Nadu, since April 2003.
Time Frame One month to develop a district micro plan.

Education: Dispels myths and misconceptions by allowing people to see how blood donation is carried out. Systematic: The camps are held at the same place and on the same day of the month so they are easy for people to remember. Saves lives: By ensuring a constant supply of blood to the blood banks.


None perceived.


Availability of suitable facilities to hold the camps. A trained blood donation team – including lab technicians.

Who needs to be consulted

State Government health services departments. Blood Bank medical officers.



Sustainable provided the funding is there.

Chances of Replication

It is planned to scale up the campaign in all districts in the state under the RCH II programme on fixed dates in every month as well as on the birthdays of leaders.




Submitted By

Clare Kitchen, Research Consultant, ECTA, New Delhi. September 2004.

Status Active
Reference Files
PROD76.jpg Blood donation camp at Andipatti
Blood donation campaign Theni District.doc Report: Blood donation campaign: An innovative life-saving project implemented in Theni district for timely availability of blood for emergency obstetric and other cases and scaling up for all districts. (Tamil Nadu State Government).
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