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Contracting specialists for community health centres, Gujarat
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Subject Area="First Referral Units." Objective="Medical specialists."
Details for Reform Option "Contracting specialists for community health centres, Gujarat"

Action: State government agrees to allow unused funds from vacant specialist posts in Community Health Centres (CHCs) to be used to contract private practitioners or government doctors at CHCs twice each week at a rate of INR 500 (later increased to INR 1000 per visit.

Cost Information not available.
Place Narmada District, Gujarat, from September 2002. Later extended to Rajkot District.
Time Frame Three months.

Improves quality of service: Ensures access to specialist services at CHC on regular basis.


Limited cover: Specialist services only available at CHC at specific times. Corruption: Private practitioners may subsequently lure patients to their private clinics and charge exorbitant prices.


Specialists available in the area or willing to come to the area.

Who needs to be consulted

State government, specialists, CHC superintendent, district agency.



Good; funded from an unused regular budget.

Chances of Replication



Complements provision of services in a similar manner at Primary Health Centres (PHCs) funded by World Bank Reproductive and Child Health Programme.


Submitted By

Dr Uma Vyas, Programme Advisor, ECTA, Gujarat. July 2002.

Status Active
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