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Subject Area="Behavioural Change Communication." Objective="• Visual sensitisation of general mass on Iodine Deficiency and change their behaviour towards consumption of iodised salt."
Details for Reform Option "IODISED SALT TRADING THROUGH Self Help Group(SHG)"

Iodine Deficiency Disorders(IDD) are a major public health problem in Orissa. A study undertaken by the central Goitre Survey Team along with the three Govt. Medical Colleges of the state revealed that 90% of the state is not free from the IDD. In the view of the very high total goitre prevalence rate in the state, the district authorities have taken proactive steps in polularizing use and consumption of iodised salt in the district by trading of iodized salt through SHG in Athgarh Sub-Division. Results: 1.Increased awareness on importance of iodised salt. 2.Availability of iodised salt at affordable price (with minimum profit margin thereby creating demand by lower price). 3.Phasing out of sale of non-iodised salt in the area.

Cost Initial Expenditure: Rs. 12,900/-.
Place Athagarh, Cuttack, Orissa
Time Frame ----

•Availability of iodised salt at lower market to the general mass. •Increase consumption of iodised salt with minimum govt. intervention. •Less expenditure on IEC activities for iodine Deficiency Disordered Control Programmes. •Strengthening of financial condition of SHGs


1.Selection of suitable SHGs 2.Training of SHG on trading and salt testing (to test the content of Iodine) 3.Involvement of Govt. Agencies which are implementing Mid Day Meal Scheme, State Nutrition Programmes etc. to initially procure from SHGs for their need. 4.Involvement of salt wholesalers to provide the salt at relatively lower profit margin price. 5.Procurement of salt testing kit.



Who needs to be consulted

Sri Rajesh P Patil, IAS, Sub-Collector, Athgarh, Cuttack-754029, Orissa. Phone / Fax : 06723-220311 Email :





Chances of Replication



This is first of its kind in Orissa. It not only improves the public health but at the same time improves the financial condition of the Self Help Groups. It is an innovation, which integrates health, economics and the community in one umbrella.


Mr.S. Sahoo, Deputy Director, FSU(CBHI), Regional Office for Health &FW, BJ-25, BJB Nagar, Bhubaneshwar-751014. Phone / Fax – 0674-2431326. Email :

Submitted By

Sr. Regional Director (HFW/GOI) & FSU/ CBHI, ROHFW Bhubaneshwar

Status Active
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