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Boost funds for research & development
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Subject Area="Health financing." Objective="To boost the measly annual fund received for research and development projects."
Details for Reform Option "Boost funds for research & development"

Background: The SMS Medical College at present gets just Rs.1.80 lakh per year from the State Govt for its research and development activities. The Medical college would now be charging a fee from doctors and students residing abroad for providing them various services like verification of documents, drug trail clearances and faculty training. The new fee mechanism would raise the annual fund to around Rs. 1.5 crore. Action: In the new arrangement, the SMS Medical College would be charging up to USDollars 300 from verifying documents of its students residing in foreign countries. Similarly, it would be demanding USDollars 1,000 from NRI doctors enrolling for training at any of the college’s various faculties. Even for the different medical conferences held on its premises the college would be taking a clearance charge from the organizers, Processing charges for research sanctioned be the state DST, central DST, ICMR and CSIR @ 7 percent cost will be charged. The college had so far been providing these facilities free of cost. Result: Better funding for research & development activities

Cost Nil
Place SMS Medical College, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Time Frame -----

To overcome fund scarcity for research & development activities / projects




Government initiative / Order.

Who needs to be consulted

Dr.Ashok Panagariya, Principal & Controller, S.M.S. Medical College & Attached Hospitals, Jaipur-302004 (Rajasthan).





Chances of Replication

The AIIMS Delhi, the GB Pant Hospital and the Municipal Mumbai have hailed the idea and borrowed fee structure of S.M.S. Medical College to increase their research fund.


21st October 2009- • Levying of charges for a period of one year resulted into accumulation of fund to the tune of Rs.150.00 lakh. • This fund has been used for filling-up gaps in buying equipments, creating infrastructure, training people in advance basic sciences and informing people of importance of hands-on-training in advanced basic research areas. • SMS has been able to create advanced research area consisting of Real Time PCR, Virology Lab, HLA Organ Transplant and Stem Cell Lab. • Creation of associate specialities like the Renal Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant, IVF Centre and future Cadaveric Organ transplant programmes. • People from world over have appreciated the initiative. • Development fund has also helped the medical library to grow. • There is a new enthusiasm in the environment amongst the faculty who had potential to deliver


Principal SMS Medical College & DD (FSU, Jaipur)

Submitted By

Sr. Regional Director (H&FW/ GOI) and FSU/CBHI, ROH&FW, Jaipur

Status Active
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