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Tracking the pregnant women & child tracking system
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Subject Area="Health information systems." Objective="Regularly looking after of pregnant women by ANM / AWW/ ASHA upto delivery"
Details for Reform Option "Tracking the pregnant women & child tracking system"

Background: Regularly looking after of pregnant women by ANM / AWW/ ASHA upto delivery. Motivating the pregnant women for institutional delivery & family planning. A computer based “tracking system” would be developed to monitor the child’s health. Under the project, mothers, volunteers and medical staff would be trained in child health care. Whenever a child falls ill, arrangements would be made to transport the baby to the nearest health centre in a vehicle. For this a child safety fund would be created in every village, in which Rs.2000 would be collected from public partnership and equal amount be contributed under the project. Action: • Registration of each pregnant woman by ANM / ASHA. • Data-Bank of all the pregnant women is available in the office of CM&HO and District Collector. • A cell has been set-up in the O/o CM&HO and DC for making enquiries through telephone from concerned ASHA / ANM on ANC and counselling/ motivation for institutional delivery & arrangement of transport etc. for the pregnant women that are expected to delivery in coming week/month for randomly selected pregnant woman. Results: Increase in institutional delivery and fall in maternal & neo-natal deaths.

Cost None.
Place Dungarpur district, Rajasthan
Time Frame 3-6 months to set up.

Better supervision on health services delivery at district level.




Govt. Initiative & telephone / mobile facility to all the SC / PHCs.

Who needs to be consulted






Chances of Replication

Very High.


A successful initiative implemented in Dungarpur districts and other districts are following it for tracking the pregnant women and new born. Further it has been envisaged to extend this concept for new borne in terms of Child Tracking System(CTS) and ensure the service delivery.


District Collector, CM&HO & DPM of Dungarpur District of Rajastan.

Submitted By

Sr. Regional Director (H&FW/GOI) and FSU/ CBHI, ROH&FW, Jaipur.

Status Active
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