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To provide affordable medical & health services to the people of Below Poverty Line(BPL)
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Subject Area="Public / private partnership (including NGOs)." Objective="To provide affordable medical and health services to the people of Below Poverty Line"
Details for Reform Option "To provide affordable medical & health services to the people of Below Poverty Line(BPL)"

Background: Treatment of people Below Poverty Line is purely based on the free services & medicines made available by the government health sector. Most of the time emergency medical needs eat up all the valuables of such families. Action: Under this scheme : 1) Govt. and private hospitals will be notified for taking treatments by the families of BPL. 2) Private Insurance companies will be involved in providing medical insurance. 3) Four members and head of household can take treatment. 4) A smart card will be issued to a BPL family. 5) Expenditure incurred will be subtracted from the limit of the card while discharging. 6) Medicines upto 5 days will also be given at the time of discharge. 7) Benefit of the scheme could be availed only in case of hospitalisation. Results: Involving private sector in providing health services and for risk pooling.

Cost 75% of the cost will be born by Govt. of India & 25% by state govt.
Place This scheme will be launched in Jhalawar, Tonk, Sawai-Madhopur, Rajsamand, Karauli, jalore, Bikaner & Barmer Districts of Rajasthan State.
Time Frame One year to operationalise in all districts.

1)Hospitalisation risk of the BPL families will be shared. 2)Private sector will be involved in providing health care to BPL & risk pooling.




Government Initiative.

Who needs to be consulted






Chances of Replication



Number of new additionality have been undertaken by the state in this regard.


Deputy Director(CBHI), ROH&FW, Jaipur.

Submitted By

Sr. Regional Director and FSU/ CBHI, ROH&FW, Jaipur.

Status Active
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