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Rajasthan Refresh Scheme
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Subject Area="Public / private partnership (including NGOs)." Objective="To change the habit of women in rural area for their personal hygiene and to promote the use of sanitary Napkins among rural women."
Details for Reform Option "Rajasthan Refresh Scheme"

Background: According to a survey it was found that : 1.In rural areas 70% of women used cloth in their Menstruation Cycle. 2. Use of cloth is not good for personal hygiene and should be used to avoid infections. 3. It was reported during the survey that adolescence girls don’t attend school during their Menstruation Cycle Period because of safety & other reasons. 4. Disposal of used cloth is not easy. 5. Women hesitate in discussing issues of Menstruation Cycle Period & use of Sanitary Napkins publicly. 6. There is lack of proper awareness & publicity on these issues. Action: 1. Total 1,06,554 Sanitary Napkins have been sold on concessional rates during Nov. 2008 to May 2009. 2. ASHA is distributing Sanitary Napkins to rural females & she is getting an incentive of Re. 1/= per packet. 3. The scheme is being implemented in PPP mode. Result: It is found after starting of ‘Rajasthan Refresh Scheme’ that - 1. Women once used Sanitary Napkin don’t use cloth again. 2. 37% women started to use Sanitary Napkins though 63% still hesitate in using Sanitary Napkins. 3. 42% of adolescence girls used Sanitary Napkins and were also interested.

Cost -----
Place Rural Areas of Rajasthan State. Phased Manner – Four Districts (Dausa, Jaipur, Sikar and Tonk) – 3 Blocks of each District.
Time Frame -----

High level personal hygiene among adolscence girls and females.




Government Initiative.

Who needs to be consulted






Chances of Replication

Very High – (Copy of newspaper ‘HINDUJA NEWS’ dated 16.06.2010 on replication of this reform is enclosed)




FSU (CBHI), Jaipur.

Submitted By

Sr. Regional Director (H&FW/GOI) and FSU/CBHI, ROH&FW, Jaipur.

Status Active
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