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Neonatal hearing screening programme
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Subject Area="Access to service and coverage." Objective="To detect hearing impairment in the infant using low cost appropriate screening device by Health Workers in the community."
Details for Reform Option "Neonatal hearing screening programme"

Hearing impairment can result in an improved out-come if detected and referred early in childhood. Community Health Worker require 3 hours of training to use four low cost rattles that are standardized for producing sound at particular amplitude and frequency. Based on the response of a sleeping infants to the sounds that they are subjected to a Health Worker can detect whether the infant has a hearing impairment and can refer for further management.

Cost Rattles : Rs.1,000/- for one set of four. Training programme: Rs. 500/- for resource person. Rs.500/- for refreshment.
Place Community Health Training Centre, Mugalur, sarjapur Hobli, Anekal taluk, Banglore, Karnataka.
Time Frame Half a day and then monthly follow-up for referrals.

1. Simple to implement in a community. 2. Easy understanding and use by Health worker.


1. Community Health workers must know the referral centre 2. Community Health workers must impress mothers that child has hearing impairment and requires referral.


1. Source of standarised rattles. 2. Health Workers- Government / Private. 3. Referrals – Audiologist and speech Therapists, ENT surgeon, Hearing Aids

Who needs to be consulted

Primary Health Centre, Medical Officer. Panchayat Members of the Community to be informed of the programme.




One time investment for a community and hence very sustainable.

Chances of Replication

Very easily replicable.


The trainers of the Community Health Workers require to be trained.


Dr. Ramesh A., Assistant professor, Department of ENT, St. John Medical College Hospital Bangalore, Mobile No. 9845236298. Mrs. Nagapoornima, Lecturer, Audiologist and speech Therapist, St. John Medical College, Banglore, Mobile No – 9880325712.

Submitted By

Dr. Domnic Misquith, Professor and Head, Department of Community Health, St. John Medical College, Banglore-34. Phone : 9448069470.

Status Active
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