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Subject Area="Health information systems." Objective="To improve the quality of healthcare services by providing a state-of-the-art reporting system using e-connectivity."
Details for Reform Option "Aarogyam"

Aarogyam – “complete freedom form illness”, is a concept that aims at health for all the family especially mother and child. Health, strictly speaking, is not only absence of disease but complete physical, mental and social well being of a person. Aarogyam, aims at this complete WELL BEING With ZERO TOLERANCE for disease, Aarogyam aims to provide healthcare services to citizens at their door steps, with special focus on mother and child to bridge the gap between goals and actual delivery. Aarogyam caters to both Safe Motherhood and Child Survival Components of RCH. For the former, it focuses on Ante Natal Care (ANC), Post natal Care (PNC) and emphasizes on 100% immunization for ensuring the latter. With these objectives, it uses modern ICT techniques for digital health mapping and pregnancy tracking. It therefore, prepares a complete health database with respect to the target group i.e. pregnant/lactating mothers and children in immunization age group. The database so generated from the backend through which a software system suo-moto generates calls on all aspects of child immunization, ANC, PNC, safe delivery, pulse-polio campaign etc, on telephone thereby ensuring health care for the entire family at their doorsteps. Having full knowledge of one’s family health profile, one can be more informed and empowered to avail the required health facilities. However, this is not the end of it. The project also has an interactive platform wherein a citizen can enquire about various health parameters, and lodge a complaint on a given helpline number. Aarogyam therefore ensures that the government is reaching out to the people for providing responsive health care delivery. Purpose of Aarogyam is to develop a technology based health care delivery program to ensure:- • 100% immunization for children in 0-5 years of age group. • Tracking each pregnancy with the help of a technology based monitoring system. • Complete ANC/PNC care including early registration of pregnancy. 3 ANC and TT to mother, institutional delivery, promotion o Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) etc. • Development of a replicable model of technology based Pregnancy tacking and Child immunization system • Generation of awareness in community about health services and inducing a change in their behaviour by reinforcing the messages. With above specific priorities, the project uses ICT and mobile phones as a tool to generate telephone calls, aims (in Hindi for wider appeal) to the families of target group on/before the due dates of immunization schedule. Hence, the model has “Knowledge is power” as the underlying theme wherein, have-nots are converted to haves through information dissemination. It therefore becomes a potent vehicle for people living in low socio economic brackets to access healthcare at their doorsteps through the feedback mechanisms inbuilt in the system. Health till now is generally conceptualized as one way supply based approach. Aarogyam, on the other hand visualizes health as two way demand based approach.

Cost Cost of establishing the project in a district depends upon available infrastructure and man power.
Place The programme has been implemented first in district Bagpat on 10th October 2008, then in J.P. Nagar and Rama Bai Nagar (Kanpur Dehat), it is also being initiated in Moradabad, Rampur, Bijnour and Gautam Budh Nagar
Time Frame Two Weeks are required after completion of Hard ware setup in starting the project. One month required for initial survey.

The beneficiaries are well informed by telephone line individually about their date of vaccination also an SMS is sent to all of them so that they can get any information by dialling a toll free number.




A proper data base in mother server along with accurate phone numbers of beneficiary and skilled and trained persons along with proper hardware is required to established the system.

Who needs to be consulted

Ritu Maheshwari (IAS) DM Shahjahnpur U.P. Phone No. +919415500014 Email-catch Mayur Maheshwari (IAS) DM Badaun U.P. Phone No. +919415000026 Email –




Highly sustainable once the database has been set up.

Chances of Replication

It is possible to replicate it anywhere in India where broadband is available.


A very good initiative.


Ritu Maheshwari(IAS),DM Shahjahnpur

Submitted By

FSU,CBHI Lucknow

Status Active
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