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Birth spacing by incentive to ASHAs
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Subject Area="Behavioural Change Communication." Objective="Access to family planning."
Details for Reform Option "Birth spacing by incentive to ASHAs"

The programme was launched on 16.05.2012; under this scheme ASHA has to advise newly married couple to follow the norm of no issue up to 2 yrs and gap of three years between first child and second child and acceptance of permanent method of family planning after two children. For successfully counselling the couples, ASHAs are given incentives, Rs 500/-for no issue up to 2 years of marriage, anotherRs 500/- for keeping a gap of three years between the first & second child and Rs 1000/- for advocating permanent sterilization.

Cost Bombay Govt. of Jharkhand.
Place East Singhbum district of Jharkhand State
Time Frame NA

A feasible population control measure.


Marriage Registration.


Marriage registration is a prerequisite for the scheme, in rural areas it is too difficult to get Marriage registered.

Who needs to be consulted

For district; Addl. Chief Medical Officer (ACMO)





Chances of Replication

Can be replicated as ASHAs are present in every village.


It is a good initiatives taken by Govt. of Jharkhand to Control the population growth.


Dr. KALACHAND MUNDA, Additional Chief Medical Officer, 09430078786

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Status Active
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