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Anti-Rabies Vaccine Project
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Subject Area="Health financing." Objective="Availability of low cost, quality drugs at Community Health Centres (CHC)."
Details for Reform Option "Anti-Rabies Vaccine Project"

As per the study of data for the Anti Rabies vaccine project at district Drug,it was found that approximately 15-16 deaths occurred each year due to rabies. The affected people were mostly children and residents of rural areas belonging to lower class. The cause behind these deaths was found to be lack of awareness about rabies, shortage of vaccines and shortage of money as the cost of anti rabies is very high for general people. The aim to start the project is to fulfil the necessity of Anti Rabies Vaccine to all. Jeeven Deep Samiti was established in the district Hospital Durg .Red Cross Society was the main source of funding in this project.

Cost 12-13 lakh (Twelve to Thirteen lakh).
Place Durg (Chhattisgarh)
Time Frame Not defined.

The accessibility of Anti Rabies Vaccine will be provided to BPL families, 0-5 years old children, handicapped person having more than 40 percent disability, pregnant women and freedom fighters and dependent family of freedom fighters at a low cost of Rupee 40/- per vaccine. The people who are not covered in the above criteria will be provided Anti Rabies Vaccine at the rate of Rupees 200/- per vaccine.




Cooperation of health personnel, district panchayat, NGOs, private facilities are indispensable.

Who needs to be consulted

Health Department, Govt. of Chhattisgarh




Yes. The funds come from the Jeeven Deep Samiti and Red Cross Society.

Chances of Replication

Yes, it can be reproduced elsewhere in the country.




Dr. Prashant Shrivastava, Civil Surgeon, District Hospital Drug Mobile: 09826600104

Submitted By

Shri S.H. Syed, Assistant Director, CBHI, Bhopal

Status Active
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