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Daati Matritva Beema Yojana, Pali
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Subject Area="Access to service and coverage." Objective="Promote institutional delivery and enhance immunisation coverage"
Details for Reform Option "Daati Matritva Beema Yojana, Pali"

It is observed that Maternal Mortality Rate in Rajasthan is higher than that of other states in India. It is very said that many pregnant women die due to maternal reasons which are preventable. To reduce these Maternal deaths, a Pregnant Women Insurance Scheme named as “Daati Matritva Beema Yojana, Pali” has been launched by district administration of Pali, in coopration with state health authorities and a private trust (Shanidham Trust). The donor of this scheme is the “Shri Shanidham Trust”Alawas, Pali, Rajasthan. This insurance is totally free of cost and no woman need to pay any premium for it. However there are strict eligibility criteria. With the new insurance scheme district administration targets to bring down the maternal deaths in the district and also find out the actual figures of maternal deaths in the district which go “unreported”. So that on the basis of actual data we can take corrective measures. In this scheme there is the provision of four ante-natal check-ups for every pregnant woman. However there are some women who do not go for such check-ups at all. It is mandatory to get the check-ups for availing the benefit of this scheme. ANMs will spreads the awareness of about it and to facilitate and guide the pregnant women to go for ante-natal check-ups. This scheme is first of its kind policy in the country. The scheme is designed in such a way that it will help in increasing institutional deliveries, ante-natal check-ups, immunizations and marriage in legal age. There are some conditions/points which need to be fulfilled by pregnant women to avail the benefit of this scheme. If a women follow all these points, the maternal deaths would take a dip automatically, which is one of the major target of this scheme. This innovative maternal insurance scheme has been launched on 24th August, 2014 by the district administration of Pali, in cooperation with state health department and a private trust.

Cost In present probable MMR of Pali district is 222 per lakh. Number of Pregnant women are 50000 per year in the district which implies that probable maternal death may be about 110. It is estimated that Rs. 38000 are to be incurred on a maternal death. Total estimated expenditure is 40,00000/- (in words fourty lakhs) per year. But last year, MMR was reported only 26 according to data available in the department it is low due to under reporting.
Place Whole Pali district of Rajasthan.
Time Frame

• This Yojana will help in increasing institutional deliveries in Pali district. • Institutional deliveries will further improve MMR and IMR of district. • According to Daati Matritva Beema Yojana-Pali, If death of pregnant women occurs due to maternal reasons, economic benefit will be given to her family for care of new born child.



There are some conditions which need to be fulfilled by pregnant women so as to be eligible for benefit from this innovative scheme are given as: 1. Pregnant women are required to be 18 year of age at the time of Marriage. 2. Pregnant women dies due to any maternal reason. 3. pregnant women should be registered in any govt. or approved hospital within first 12 weeks of pregnancy. 4. She should required to fulfill some other conditions also as per list attached. 5. There is no limitation/ceiling of children and number of delivery. 6. There is no limitation of any spacing criteria between two deliveries.

Who needs to be consulted



No issues

Chances of Replication

Very Good (other districts, states may replicate this innovative scheme).



Sh. Rohit Gupta ,(IAS) District Collector, Pali, Rajasthan. 9460387269 Dr. Madhu Rateshwar, Chief Medical & Health Officer,Pali 9166303567 Maa Shraddha, Director, Shree Shanidahm Trust,Pali 9414124575 Sh. K.C. Saini, District Coordinator, Maternal Insurance Scheme,Pali 9352934000

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CBHI (ROH&FW) Jaipur

Status Active
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