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Special Medical Health Camps at Janeshwar Mishra Park, Lucknow
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Subject Area="Urban Health." Objective="Mobilising community participation."
Details for Reform Option "Special Medical Health Camps at Janeshwar Mishra Park, Lucknow"

Background:Every day nearly fifteen thousand people visit Janeshwar Mishra Park, Lucknow. Keeping this in mind Dr. S.N.S.Yadav, Chief Medical Officer, Lucknow got an innovative idea to organize special medical health camps at Janeshwar Mishra Park so that through this outreach activity, health services could be provided to the morning walkers for free and health living behavior could be promoted. Action:Demonstrating convergence and leveraging of resources, the Chief Medical Officer or Lucknow coordinated with Lucknow Development Authority which made the arrangements for tentage and Drishti Advertisement which made the arrangement for providing healthy breakfast free of cost. Results:The timing of the camps was decided to be from 05:30am to 09:30 am to be held once a month. Allopathic doctors as well as specialist doctors including Ayush and Homeopathy were called to attend the camp. A team of 20 doctors and 50 paramedical staff conducted health checkups including testing blood pressure and diabetes. Medicines were provided free of cost. Three ambulances were stationed outside the park. An interactive talk is followed by Question and Answers and there are face to face consultations for assessment and counseling. The doctors and paramedical staff educate morning walkers about their health concerns, hygiene and provide counseling about ways of healthy living. Four health camps have been organized till date. 756 patients were screened on 12th April, 2015, 1245 patients on 17th May, 2015, 3171 patients on 14th June, 2015 and 2362 patients on 2nd August, 2015. Blood donation camp was also organized on 14th June, 2015 where 17 units of blood were donated by volunteers.

Cost No budget was separately set aside for these camps which was done in coordination with Lucknow Devlopment Authority and Drishti Advertising.
Place Janeshwar Mishra Park at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Time Frame Two months.

Helping patients in need through spot diagnosis and treatment. Assessment of prevalence of diseases in the area. Planning for preventive treatment


1.Coordinating with Lucknow Development Authority and Drishti Advertising. 2.Managing the large number of patients 3.Coordinating with the doctors and paramedical staff.


1.Availability of suitable place to conduct a camp of such high turnout. 2.Availability of medical and paramedical staff. 3.Enthusiasm and active participation by citizens. 4.Active engagement by health officials.

Who needs to be consulted

Dr. S.N.S. Yadav, CMO, Lucknow, email-,



Maintenance of quality health care delivery and active participation by local citizens can help in sustaining such a project.

Chances of Replication

Can be replicated in any district.


This camp is an efficient way of providing spot diagnosis and treatment of diseases and is helpful in prevention of prevalent diseases. It also provides information to citizens about how to lead a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits.


Submitted By

Dr. A.P. Singh, Deputy CMO, Urban Lucknow, Ph: 9415454071, email-,

Status Active
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