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Providing Tablet to ANMs in the Health Sub Centers, Karnataka
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Subject Area="Health information systems." Objective="To improve the quality of healthcare services by providing a state-of-the-art reporting system using e-connectivity."
Details for Reform Option "Providing Tablet to ANMs in the Health Sub Centers, Karnataka"

Background:The ANMs posted at Health Sub Centers was burdened with multiple registers for the Health and Medical Services provided to the community. She has to carry those registers during visit to the villages in her jurisdiction. At the end of the month she has to give different type of reports. Objective:To manage the health of rural population digitally, in order to provide the best healthcare service and health solutions to the community from a public health perspective. Action:A Tablet with pre designed software was given to the ANMs of the SCs functioning under the PHC, Karuna Trust has provided the tablet and the software was developed by EMC2. The Comprehensive preventive, curative and Promotive health care services (CPHM) is a tool introduced first time in India, under which all the data may fed and the reports be generated. CPHM enables to provide comprehensive preventive, curative and Promotive health care to the members of the community by bringing together health-workers and decision makers on one platform for better management of the PHC. This allows to address health comprehensively, by not only bringing all diseases and conditions, including reproductive, material, adolescent and child health, school health and nutrition, communicable and non-communicable diseases, public health and facility management, but also the individual and community, for better health management in a given region / village / area. CPHM also allows for all the health records of the community to be managed over a period of time, enabling the “life cycle” approach to health, as prescribed by the NHM. We are now looking into developing and adding an electronic medical record (EMR) component for PHC / Sub-center clinics to this tool. Currently, Gumballi PHC managed by Karuna Trust, has about 23,000 health records of the community that it serves. Every ANM has got Tablet. Result:The ANMs need not carry many registers. The ANMs at the Sub centers get the alerts on ANC and PNC care, immunization, follow up on treatment of TB and other illness. By this it empowers ANMs to provide best health care services to the community, without being overburdened.

Cost The cost of the Tablet is around 8,000/- per piece. But, cost is also incurred in data management and rental of data server space, training the staff in the application / tool and continued monitoring of the activity. This excludes the software developed.
Place All SCs in Gumballi PHC, Chamarajanagar Distt. Karnataka.
Time Frame The product development took about a year to be completed. But, now that it is completed and is fully functional the time taken only includes deploying the tablets and training the staff. We have to note that continued training may be required to motivate the health workers to use the tablets.

Having the data of the community and their demographic enables us to have a public health approach to the health care service provided. Effective analysis of the community data will ensure how to avert epidemics or how to effectively manage epidemics in case of one. Knowing the source of drinking water in the village from where maximum patients have sought medical help from the PHC, can provide an insight into how to prevent the same in the future. Or diabetic history of the family may make it possible for the health worker to alert a member of the younger generation on how to avoid the same fate by changes in diet and lifestyle etc. Presence of fluoride in drinking water can enable the health worker to conduct a demineralization campaign in the community.


The application itself is immensely useful to the community and the health care professional. However, the challenge lies in low or nonexistent internet connectivity in rural India.


Internet connectivity to sync data. This tool is for the ANMs and MHWs. Other than that the support of PHC admin, PHC Medical Officers, the district medical officers etc. is needed to implement this tool.

Who needs to be consulted

The Secretary Karuna Trust 686, 16th main, 4th T Block Jayanagar, Bengaluru - 560041



In modern computer era, this is sustainable

Chances of Replication

It can be replicated.



The Secretary Karuna Trust 686, 16th main, 4th T Block Jayanagar, Bengaluru - 560041

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FSU Bengaluru

Status Active
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