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Using a private partner to provide round-the-clock laboratory tests at a government hospital, Uttar Pradesh
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Subject Area="Public / private partnership (including NGOs)." Objective="Improved hospital services."
Details for Reform Option "Using a private partner to provide round-the-clock laboratory tests at a government hospital, Uttar Pradesh"

Background: The Bal Mahila Chikitsa aum Prasuti Griha (BMC & PG) - Maternity & Child Care Centre Aligunj Lucknow (U P) has its own laboratory but it is only open between 0800 and 1400 hours on working days. As a result, large numbers of pregnant women coming to the BMC & PG after working hours did not have immediate access to investigation facilities. In emergency situations, the patient’s attendant had to find a private laboratory to carry out the tests, often incurring a high fee. It was decided that under Lucknow’s Urban RCH project, supported by the European Commission, which aimed to strengthen the BMC & PG so that it could provide round-the-clock facilities for normal delivery, emergency caesarean section, neonatal care, family planning and immunisation services to the slum population and other residents in the neighbouring areas, laboratory services should be extended to give 24-hour cover. However because resource constraints meant the hospital could not extend its own laboratory’s opening times, a private partner was sought. Action: (i) BMC & PG Aligunj started negotiations with 24-hour diagnostic centres located in the neighbouring areas for Public Private Partnership. After negotiation and revalidation of laboratory quality standards, M/S Thukral Diagnostics Centre Lucknow was identified as a suitable partner. The selected diagnostic centre provided three different packages at a reasonable cost for emergency investigations. The packages cover most of the investigations a pregnant woman may be required to undergo after admission to the BMC & PG. (ii) The diagnostic centre sends a laboratory technician to BMC & PG to collect blood specimens after receiving a call from the hospital. The specimens are immediately processed in the diagnostic centre’s laboratory. They then communicate the results to the hospital. (iii) Below Poverty Line (BPL) patients receive this facility free of cost. The Chikitsa Sudhar Samiti (CSS) (the hospital’s welfare committee) reimburses the diagnostic facility these fees. Result: The arrangement ensures that pregnant women and children have round-the-clock access to laboratory investigation facilities at an affordable cost.

Cost No additional cost has been incurred by the BMC & PG Aligunj for this arrangement.
Place BMC & PG (Bal Mahila Chikitsa aum Prasuti Griha) - Maternity & Child Care Centre Aligunj Lucknow (U P) from March 2003.
Time Frame Two months .

For hospital: Improved facilities: Provides round-the-clock emergency investigation facilities. Cost effective: No cost to hospital or to BPL patients. It also provides a saving to other patients because emergency investigation charges are usually much higher in a private laboratory. Time effective: Prompt availability of the investigation report, thereby improving the quality of the hospital care. Convenience: The arrangement saves both time and effort. For private partner: Increased custom: Idle capacity of the diagnostic facility is utilised. Revenue generation: Increase in customers.


Monitoring required: Hospital must ensure the diagnostic facility meets quality standards.


Good diagnostic facility in the vicinity of the hospital. Good communication network.

Who needs to be consulted

Chief and Deputy Chief Medical Officers. Diagnostic facilities. Patient welfare committees.



The arrangement appears to be sustainable.

Chances of Replication

The arrangement can be replicated in district hospitals, FRUs and CHCs, where private round-the-clock diagnostic facilities are locally available.


This PPP initiative is no longer there. Now, the laboratory services are provided by the hospital.


Submitted By

Dr JN Srivastava, State Facilitator UP, ECTA. June 2005. Last Updated: November 2006.

Status Active
Reference Files
DIAGNOSTIC PACKAGES.doc Cost of Diagnostic Packages provided by private partner
Pvt Lab charges.doc Comparative fees charged by private labs
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