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Extending role in RCH of Anganwadi workers, Madhya Pradesh
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Subject Area="Inter-sectoral links." Objective="Improved outreach services."
Details for Reform Option "Extending role in RCH of Anganwadi workers, Madhya Pradesh"

Background: There are 51,000 villages in the state of Madhya Pradesh and according to state government legislation, each village requires at least one trained birth attendant and one Jan Swasthya Rakshak (JSR). However less than three per cent of JSRs are female and so there is a need to extend services to women. Action: There are already Anganwadi workers (AWWs: female community-based workers) working in the villages who are trained in health and nutrition education. They are given wider training (a three-month module) so they can also provide women with preventive and simple curative services as well as promote better health practices.

Cost Information not available.
Place Pilot study in Guna district, Madhya Pradesh, ongoing (Aug 2004).
Time Frame One year (April 2001 onwards).

Improved: Maternal and Child Health (MCH) care. Empowerment: Of AWWs. Increased availability: Of trained female JSRs. Informative: Improved preventive and promotive health education.


Limited: The proposal would miss out new women entrants to community health work.


Review of AWW training to include JSR training.

Who needs to be consulted

Directorate of Women & Child Department, Public Health & Family Welfare Department.




Chances of Replication

Highly replicable. There are plans underway to replicate the pilot across the state.


Practical experiences of the AWWs who now function as JSRs need to be documented.


Submitted By

Dr.S.K.Shrivastava, Member Secretary, Sector Reform Bureau and Mr.G.S.Sachdev, EC State Facilitator.

Status Active
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