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Reproductive Child Health outreach camps, Tamil Nadu
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Subject Area="Access to service and coverage." Objective="Improved outreach services."
Details for Reform Option "Reproductive Child Health outreach camps, Tamil Nadu"

Action: Outreach camps are held on a fixed day of the month at the Health Sub Centre to provide Ante Natal (AN) care and child care. Mothers and children are given basic health check-ups and advice on diet and basic healthcare. Pregnant women are encouraged to undergo an institutional delivery and high-risk cases are identified and referred to Primary Health Centres (PHCs) or hospitals. The camps are staffed by: One lady doctor One Village Health Nurse (VHN) One educator One laboratory technician. Each pregnant woman is given a book in which their AN care is recorded. Results: Each outreach camp records the numbers who attend; the numbers who receive AN care; the numbers referred; the number of contraception/sterilisation offered; lab tests done.

Cost Each camp costs approximately INR 300 to 400 (serving an average population of about 4,000 people). Initially funded under the RCH1 scheme which gave INR 2 lakh and INR 2,000 per block per month.
Place Tamil Nadu since 1997.
Time Frame One month: Government Order. One month: District micro plan.

Accessibility: Provides services to those who cannot afford the time or money to travel to a PHC. Systematic: Always held on the same day of the month (eg the first Tuesday) so patients can easily remember.


None perceived.


Availability of a team to travel to the camp.

Who needs to be consulted

State Government health services departments. VHNs.



Requires funding.

Chances of Replication

It is a simple, effective idea for extending coverage but requires adequate funding.




Submitted By

Clare Kitchen, Research Consultant, ECTA, New Delhi. September 2004.

Status Active
Reference Files
PROD79.jpg Women queuing at a RCH outreach camp at Thimmarasanaickanur Sub-centre, Madurai district.(15 September, 2004)
PROD79-1.jpg Medical Officer checking a pregnant lady’s blood pressure at RCH outreach camp, Thimmarasanaickanur Sub-centre, Madurai district
PROD79-2.jpg Block Extension Educator speaks to women at Thimmarasanaickanur RCH outreach camp, Theni District
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