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“Sharing innovative solutions to common health management problems”
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List of Entries
1 Medical Officers authorised to arrange maintenance and repairs on Primary Health Centres, Gujarat
2 Medical Officers empowered to authorise minor maintenance to Community Health Centres and Block Primary Health Centres, Orissa
3 Maintenance of First Referral Units and Civil Hospitals, Assam
4 Model Out Patient Door, Himachal Pradesh
7 User fees for maintenance of medical equipment, Assam
8 District level Bio-Medical Equipment Repair Workshop, Himachal Pradesh
10 Privatisation of hospital cleaning, Orissa
11 Motivating cleaning (class IV) staff, Tamil Nadu
12 Healthcare Waste Management, West Bengal
13 System for standardising medical institutions within the health services department, Kerala
14 Multi-power operated cold chain equipment, Jharkhand
15 Construction of Sub centre building through involvement of Panchayat Raj Institutions, Uttar Pradesh
16 Streamlining drug procurement at appropriate levels of the health system, Tamil Nadu
17 Passbooks for Drug Logistics, Andhra Pradesh
18 Five Disease Treatment, Orissa
19 Streamlining drug procurement at appropriate levels of the health system, Orissa
20 Rational use of drugs, Gujarat
21 District budget analysis, Madhya Pradesh
22 Auditing Maternal Deaths, Tamil Nadu
23 Task Force on Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka
24 Help Line for Health, Jharkhand
25 Rural doctors made accountable to Panchayat Raj Institutions, Punjab
26 Close Monitoring and Ante-natal Care of Pregnant Ladies, Puducherry
27 Management of Primary Health Centres by NGO, Gujarat
28 Management of Primary Health Centres by Non Government Organisations and Medical Colleges, Karnataka
29 Public Private Partnership for delivery of Reproductive Child Health services to the slum population of Guwahati city, Assam
30 Empowering Non-Government Organisations to run emergency transport services, Tamil Nadu
31 Establishing a Public Private Partnership Policy, West Bengal
32 Installation of CT scan machines in State medical colleges by private agencies, West Bengal
33 Contracting out diagnostic facilities in rural hospitals, West Bengal
34 Privatisation of hospital cleaning services, West Bengal
35 Contracting out of diet services, West Bengal
36 Contracting sonography and x-ray services, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
37 Using a private partner to provide round-the-clock laboratory tests at a government hospital, Uttar Pradesh
38 Outsourcing of non-clinical services, Punjab
39 Biomedical waste management at Community Health Centre, Himachal Pradesh
40 Quality Improvement in Government Hospitals, Himachal Pradesh
41 Mobile Health Care Service, Sundarbans, West Bengal
42 Model District Reproductive and Child Health Services Project, Pune, Maharashtra
43 Mini Health Centre scheme, Tamil Nadu
44 Community Midwives Programme, Uttar Pradesh
45 Involvement of private sector in providing reproductive and child health services, Uttar Pradesh
46 Community Based Health Posts in remote areas, Himachal Pradesh
47 Quality antenatal care for insured women workers, Gujarat
48 Chiranjeevi scheme to improve institutional deliveries, Gujarat
49 Training of Dais to promote safe deliveries, Gujarat.
50 Community Partnership for Safe Motherhood, Uttar Pradesh
51 Malaria eradication, Maharashtra
52 Targeted interventions among high-risk group of HIV/AIDS, Tamil Nadu
53 Partner Sexual Health Project, Gujarat
54 Drug Revolving Funds (DRF) to make low price quality drugs available, Himachal Pradesh
55 Awareness Generation on Vitamin A and Anaemia, Jharkhand
56 Enforcement measures to control female foeticide, Punjab
57 Integrated Rapid Intervention and Care Project, Manipur
58 Involving National NGOs in Health Service delivery, Arunachal Pradesh
59 Devolution of financial and administrative powers to districts, Haryana
60 Decentralised planning for RCH services, Uttar Pradesh
61 Rogi Kalyan Samiti, Meghalaya
62 Financial autonomy to hospital through Chikitsa Prabandhan Samiti, Uttarakhand
63 Transfer of rural Sub-Centres to Panchayati Raj Institutions, Haryana
64 Establishment of State Sector Reform Cells, various States
65 Establishment of District Health Agencies to manage health services: various States
66 Punjab Health System Corporation, Punjab
67 District Health Action Plans, Madhya Pradesh
68 Giving functional autonomy to secondary and tertiary level government hospitals through Hospital Welfare Societies, Himachal Pradesh
69 Setting up a Vigilance Cell for the health sector, Karnataka
70 Efficient Management of Community Health Centre, Rajasthan
71 Restructuring of the Health & Family Welfare Department at sub-district level, Rajasthan
72 Devolution of financial powers, Punjab
73 Regional Resource Centre for North Eastern States, Assam
74 State Health Resource Centre, Chhattisgarh.
75 Management of Public Health Information System, Rajasthan.
76 Decentralised Management of Primary Level Health Facilities, Punjab
77 Better Communication via Satellite, Madhya Pradesh
78 Manipur State AIDS Policy, Manipur
79 Legislatures Forum on HIV/AIDS, Nagaland
80 Outreach and referral services for slum populations contracted out to private organisations, Orissa
81 Jan Mangal: Community-based contraceptives distribution intervention, Rajasthan
82 Using Rural Health Practitioners for social franchising, Bihar, Jharkhand & Madhya Pradesh
83 Vanita: Low-Cost Family Planning Clinics, Andhra Pradesh
84 Border District Cluster Strategy: accelerating the reduction of maternal and child mortality, Gujarat
85 Integration of mother and child health services at village level
86 Extending role in RCH of Anganwadi workers, Madhya Pradesh
87 Aapni Yojana: Safe Drinking Water in villages of Rajasthan.
88 Mano Netra Programme, Andhra Pradesh
89 Inter-sectoral approach to Family Counselling Centres, Madhya Pradesh
90 Decentralised Wastewater Treatment System, Karnataka
91 Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres, Chattisgarh
92 Sishu Sanraksan Maah, Chattisgarh
93 Institutional Service Monitoring Report, Tamil Nadu
94 Performance rating of Primary Health Centres, Andhra Pradesh
95 Rationalised and computerised Health Management Information System (HMIS) for Public Health Information, Himachal Pradesh
96 Health Management Information System, Kerala
97 Integrated Diseases Surveillance Project, Goa.
98 District Mental Health Programme, Tamil Nadu
99 Reproductive Child Health outreach camps, Tamil Nadu
100 Training of Traditional Birth Attendants, Maharashtra
101 Primary Health Care and RCH Services in urban slums, Uttar Pradesh.
102 Effective Mini Reproductive and Child Health camps organised by Primary Health Centres, Gujarat
103 Improving access to healthcare in urban areas through re-structuring, community involvement and operational autonomy, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
104 Jeevan Suraksha Programme, Gujarat
105 Catch-up Rounds to Increase Immunisation Coverage, Jharkhand
106 Provision of essential maternal and child health services in Tribal Areas, Rajasthan.
107 Delivery huts to promote safe delivery in the rural areas, Haryana
108 Telemedicine Project, Chhattisgarh
109 Mobile Hospitals in Tribal Bazaars, Chhattisgarh
110 Telemedicine at General Hospital, Arunachal Pradesh
111 Telemedicine at Primary Health Centres, Tamil Nadu
112 Providing 24–hour delivery services in Primary Health Centres, Tamil Nadu
113 Round the Clock Primary Health Centres, Andhra Pradesh
114 Training of community health workers, Maharashtra
115 Counselling centre for women, Thane, Maharashtra
116 Adolescent Health Programme, Kerala
117 Telemedicine scheme for cardiac emergencies, Karnataka
118 Sanjivani Scheme, Rajasthan
119 Delivering Reproductive Health Services to women in rural areas, Rajasthan
120 Comprehensive Healthcare Outreach Services to the poor using mobile approach, Madhya Pradesh.
121 Mobile phone consultation for community health care, Haryana
122 Voucher scheme for institutional delivery and immunisation, Jharkhand
123 Telemedicine at Dr. B. Barooah Cancer Institute, Assam
124 Smart Card Initiative for Sex Workers, Karnataka
125 Kishor Mitra Pariyojana: Life Skills Education Programme for Out-of-School Adolescents, Madhya Pradesh
126 State Illness Assistance Fund, Madhya Pradesh
127 Amchi- The Tibetan medical system, Ladakh
128 Anti-retroviral Therapy for HIV/AIDS patients, Manipur
129 Prevention of Parent to Child HIV Transmission, Manipur
130 Health Awareness Rallies, Rajasthan.
131 Mobile Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing Centre, Manipur
132 Promoting Institutional Delivery through Monetary Incentive Scheme, Puducherry
133 Window of Hope for differentially abled, Orissa
134 Mobile health clinic, Uttarakhand
135 No-Scalpel Vasectomy Centres, Madhya Pradesh
136 Identity cards to below the poverty line population, Uttarakhand
137 Health Accounts- financial data for decision makers
138 Community-based Health Insurance
139 Health Insurance Scheme for Women, Maharashtra
140 Community Health Insurance Programme, Karnataka
141 Yeshasvini health insurance, Karnataka
142 Arogya Raksha Yojana Health Insurance, Karnataka
143 Medical Aid Plan for voluntary health insurance, Tamil Nadu
144 Integrated Insurance Scheme, Gujarat
145 Health Insurance Scheme, Gujarat
146 Sardar Patel Aarogya Mandal, Gujarat
147 Graded user charges for hospital service improvement, Madhya Pradesh
148 Retention of user fees at health facilities, Punjab
149 Medicare Relief Societies at Community Health Centres, Rajasthan
150 Providing low cost and quality drugs at Health Facilities, Rajasthan
151 Scheme for Assistance to Families in Exigency (SAFE), Karnataka.
152 Mukhya Mantri Jibon Jyoti Bima Achoni, Assam
153 Mandatory government service by medical graduates, Maharashtra
154 Post graduate training as an incentive for medical officers to work in remote areas, Rajasthan
155 Mandatory rural service prior to post-graduate training, Orissa
156 Hands-on training of medical interns in community health, Orissa
157 Updating the training syllabus of female health workers, Kerala
158 Ensuring traditional birth attendant training includes practical instruction, Karnataka
159 Developing a comprehensive training policy for public health personnel, Rajasthan.
160 Revision of Auxiliary Nurse Midwife Curriculum, Rajasthan.
161 District cadres for paramedical workers, Orissa
162 Decentralisation of supervision structures, Assam
163 Training of young village girls as ophthalmic paramedics, Tamil Nadu
164 Afternoon Pay Clinics, West Bengal
165 Benchmarking to improve the performance of specialist doctors, Punjab
166 Empowerment of Village Health Nurses: Improving Mobility, Tamil Nadu
167 Short Course training of Medical Officers, Assam
168 Management of Directly Observed Treatment Short Course Programme, Rajasthan
169 Corporate policy on HIV/AIDS
170 Rural Health Practitioner training, Assam
171 Training of the Health Service Providers on Gender Mainstreaming, Madhya Pradesh
172 Incentive to Tackle Absenteeism among Doctors in Tribal Areas, Orissa
173 Women Group Leader Programme: Sanjeevanis, Haryana
174 Mitanin Programme, Chhattisgarh
175 Local initiative programme for Reproductive & Child Health, Uttaranchal
176 Sahiyya Movement, Jharkhand
177 Communitisation of Grassroot Health Services, Nagaland
178 Village Health Committees, Karnataka
179 Training of Parivar Kalyan Salahkar Samitis, Himachal Pradesh.
180 Community Health Activism, Kerala
181 Aapni Yojana Sanitation Project, Rajasthan
182 Empowerment of rural women in Aapni Yojana Project (our scheme), Rajasthan
183 Cheyutha, A Helping Hand For People Living With HIV/AIDS, Andhra Pradesh.
184 Village Health Committees, Jharkhand
185 Home Based Newborn Care, SEARCH, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
186 Khoj Project, Manipur
187 Involvement of Self Help Group In Malaria Control Programme, Orissa
188 Urban Health Improvement Programme, West Bengal
189 Urban Health Programme, Aurangabad, Maharashtra
190 Women-centred health project, Mumbai, Maharashtra
191 Urban Health Programme, Kolkata
192 Kolkata Family Welfare Urban Slums Project, West Bengal
193 Integrated sanitation promotion programme, Tamil Nadu
194 Women and Community Empowerment, Maharashtra
195 Community Volunteer Initiative, Tamil Nadu
196 Training adolescent girls to mobilise the community to use health services, Tamil Nadu
197 Female Infant Life-Saving Programme, Tamil Nadu
198 Devi Rupak Yojana, Haryana
199 Promoting HIV/AIDS education through targeted mass media communications, Maharashtra
200 The HAMARA Project, Rajasthan
201 Health education of adolescents, Maharashtra
202 Life Skills Programme, Maharashtra
203 Street theatre as an Information, Education & Communication tool, Tamil Nadu
204 Women Counselling Centres, Mizoram
205 Health education, Uttar Pradesh
206 Use of Gambosia fish for prevention of Malaria, Rajasthan
207 Mobile AIDS Counselling Services, Delhi
208 Traditional Healers Promote Healthcare in Tribal Pockets, Chhattisgarh.
209 Promoting Change in Reproductive Behaviour of Youth, Bihar
210 Tobacco Cessation Centre, Dr. B. Barooah Cancer Institute, Assam
211 Dancing Feat, Mumbai
212 Pictorial Tools for behaviour change communication for tribal population, Jharkhand.
213 Jigyasa: Adolescent Centre, Madhya Pradesh
214 Preventive Oral Health Care in Children, Kerala
215 Hiring of private anaesthetists at First Referral Units and Primary Health Centres, Tamil Nadu
216 Providing round-the-clock Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care centres, Tamil Nadu
217 Comprehensive plan to assess operational needs of First Referral Units, Madhya Pradesh
218 Certification of Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care Centres, Madhya Pradesh
219 Outreach blood donation camps, Tamil Nadu
220 Birth Companionship Programme, Tamil Nadu
221 Strengthening community health centres to avoid maternal deaths, Rajasthan
222 Improving blood availability in peripheral health institutions, Rajasthan
223 Organisation of the referral system, Kharar Hospital, Punjab
224 Contracting specialists for community health centres, Gujarat
225 Operationalisation of a First Referral Unit, Maharashtra
226 Protocols on Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care, Tamil Nadu
228 Integrated Planning and Management of Health Services, Madhya Pradesh
231 Establishment of Leprosy Referral Centre LRC in National Leprosy Eradication Programme. Maharashtra
233 • Visual sensitisation of general mass on Iodine Deficiency and change their behaviour towards consumption of iodised salt.
235 Boost funds for research & development
236 Tracking the pregnant women & child tracking system
237 ABHILASHA YOJANA – A home nursing scheme to help ailing senior citizens.
238 To provide affordable medical & health services to the people of Below Poverty Line(BPL)
239 Rajasthan Refresh Scheme
240 Neonatal hearing screening programme
243 Aarogyam
244 Vatsalya Scheme, Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh
245 Birth spacing by incentive to ASHAs
246 JPN apex trauma centre
247 Nutrition Rehabilitation centre
248 Anti-Rabies Vaccine Project
249 Shri Ram Murti Janhit Chikitsa Yojna
250 In house preparation & generation of bar coded smart cards for gas victims
251 Weekly Dry Day, Chickballapur district, Karnataka
253 Sehat Sandeshvahini
254 SAMARPAN Scheme Hoshangabad
255 Daati Matritva Beema Yojana, Pali
257 Mera Swasthya Meri Aawaz- (MS,MA)
260 Bike Ambulances: First Response Unit
261 Megha Health Insurance Scheme, Meghalaya
262 Special Medical Health Camps at Janeshwar Mishra Park, Lucknow
263 "PRIME (Programme for Improving Mental Health Care)" in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh
265 Sanjeevani Beema Yojana in UT of Daman & Diu
266 Matru Samruddhi Yojana in UT of Daman & Diu
272 Hausala Sajheedari, Uttar pradesh
273 Dikri Development Scheme in UT of Daman & Diu
274 Sampoorna, Uttar Pradesh
275 OJAS (Online JSY And Shubhlaxmi Payment System), Rajasthan
276 Asha Soft, Rajasthan
277 Providing Tablet to ANMs in the Health Sub Centers, Karnataka
278 mSehat, Uttar Pradesh
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