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“Sharing innovative solutions to common health management problems”
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84 Border District Cluster Strategy: accelerating the reduction of maternal and child mortality, Gujarat
87 Aapni Yojana: Safe Drinking Water in villages of Rajasthan.
97 Integrated Diseases Surveillance Project, Goa.
106 Provision of essential maternal and child health services in Tribal Areas, Rajasthan.
110 Telemedicine at General Hospital, Arunachal Pradesh
152 Mukhya Mantri Jibon Jyoti Bima Achoni, Assam
159 Developing a comprehensive training policy for public health personnel, Rajasthan.
176 Sahiyya Movement, Jharkhand
217 Comprehensive plan to assess operational needs of First Referral Units, Madhya Pradesh
243 Aarogyam
278 mSehat, Uttar Pradesh
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