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65 Establishment of District Health Agencies to manage health services: various States
70 Efficient Management of Community Health Centre, Rajasthan
71 Restructuring of the Health & Family Welfare Department at sub-district level, Rajasthan
75 Management of Public Health Information System, Rajasthan.
81 Jan Mangal: Community-based contraceptives distribution intervention, Rajasthan
85 Integration of mother and child health services at village level
87 Aapni Yojana: Safe Drinking Water in villages of Rajasthan.
106 Provision of essential maternal and child health services in Tribal Areas, Rajasthan.
118 Sanjivani Scheme, Rajasthan
119 Delivering Reproductive Health Services to women in rural areas, Rajasthan
130 Health Awareness Rallies, Rajasthan.
137 Health Accounts- financial data for decision makers
144 Integrated Insurance Scheme, Gujarat
149 Medicare Relief Societies at Community Health Centres, Rajasthan
150 Providing low cost and quality drugs at Health Facilities, Rajasthan
154 Post graduate training as an incentive for medical officers to work in remote areas, Rajasthan
159 Developing a comprehensive training policy for public health personnel, Rajasthan.
160 Revision of Auxiliary Nurse Midwife Curriculum, Rajasthan.
168 Management of Directly Observed Treatment Short Course Programme, Rajasthan
181 Aapni Yojana Sanitation Project, Rajasthan
182 Empowerment of rural women in Aapni Yojana Project (our scheme), Rajasthan
200 The HAMARA Project, Rajasthan
206 Use of Gambosia fish for prevention of Malaria, Rajasthan
221 Strengthening community health centres to avoid maternal deaths, Rajasthan
222 Improving blood availability in peripheral health institutions, Rajasthan
235 Boost funds for research & development
236 Tracking the pregnant women & child tracking system
237 ABHILASHA YOJANA – A home nursing scheme to help ailing senior citizens.
238 To provide affordable medical & health services to the people of Below Poverty Line(BPL)
239 Rajasthan Refresh Scheme
255 Daati Matritva Beema Yojana, Pali
275 OJAS (Online JSY And Shubhlaxmi Payment System), Rajasthan
276 Asha Soft, Rajasthan
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