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Search Result for the Keyword : "Tamil Nadu"
11 Motivating cleaning (class IV) staff, Tamil Nadu
16 Streamlining drug procurement at appropriate levels of the health system, Tamil Nadu
19 Streamlining drug procurement at appropriate levels of the health system, Orissa
22 Auditing Maternal Deaths, Tamil Nadu
30 Empowering Non-Government Organisations to run emergency transport services, Tamil Nadu
43 Mini Health Centre scheme, Tamil Nadu
52 Targeted interventions among high-risk group of HIV/AIDS, Tamil Nadu
93 Institutional Service Monitoring Report, Tamil Nadu
98 District Mental Health Programme, Tamil Nadu
99 Reproductive Child Health outreach camps, Tamil Nadu
111 Telemedicine at Primary Health Centres, Tamil Nadu
112 Providing 24–hour delivery services in Primary Health Centres, Tamil Nadu
128 Anti-retroviral Therapy for HIV/AIDS patients, Manipur
143 Medical Aid Plan for voluntary health insurance, Tamil Nadu
144 Integrated Insurance Scheme, Gujarat
163 Training of young village girls as ophthalmic paramedics, Tamil Nadu
166 Empowerment of Village Health Nurses: Improving Mobility, Tamil Nadu
193 Integrated sanitation promotion programme, Tamil Nadu
195 Community Volunteer Initiative, Tamil Nadu
196 Training adolescent girls to mobilise the community to use health services, Tamil Nadu
197 Female Infant Life-Saving Programme, Tamil Nadu
203 Street theatre as an Information, Education & Communication tool, Tamil Nadu
215 Hiring of private anaesthetists at First Referral Units and Primary Health Centres, Tamil Nadu
216 Providing round-the-clock Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care centres, Tamil Nadu
219 Outreach blood donation camps, Tamil Nadu
220 Birth Companionship Programme, Tamil Nadu
226 Protocols on Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care, Tamil Nadu
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